Cameron Harvey

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Artist Statement

Through my paintings and drawings, I aim to bring attention to moments of transition between being and non-being. I am interested in the relationship between the real and the perceived, as well as the body and the soul, the internal and external, and liberation and confinement.

My paintings are made of layers of voile that come together to create one image. They describe the energetic body beyond the visible human form and mine the idea that much exists beyond the edges of the body that we experience but cannot see. The paintings are made using layers of voile to complicate where the painted marks reside and to create a moiré pattern. Through the interference of the moiré pattern, the images negate themselves, making it difficult for the viewer to fully perceive where the image is coming from. The images are reminiscent of energy fields, the cosmos and cellular biology. The paintings shift with changes in light and billows of air so the work is in constant movement. Furthermore, the paintings are not solid physical objects but rather they are ‘body-less’ paintings, as if the armature of the painting has slipped away. The flowing quality of the paintings allow for visual play that reminds us that what we see or understand in the physical world is both impermanent and not the entire picture, and that our perception influences our understanding of the world around us.

Furthermore, my colored pencil drawings are also made of layers of color. The drawings represent afterimages that I see when I close my eyes at a given moment and try to remember the composition of the fading shapes of color reminiscent of the material plane. Together, the drawings are a diary that captures moments of interior mental space and illustrates the fleeting transitional space between the outer and inner worlds.

Artist Bio

Cameron Harvey investigates the relationship between the physical body and the spiritual plane. Her paintings and drawings explore perception and boundaries and are at once both unraveling and becoming whole.

Her work is grounded in her love of nature and her interest in astronomy and the cosmos as well as meditation and yoga. Color field painting and abstract expressionism, as well as her experience with printmaking, also influence her work.

Harvey was born in Vermont and graduated from Wellesley College before teaching at La Scuola Internazionle di Grafica in Italy and then attending School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She believes in the importance of travel and cultural exchange and has participated in programs and residencies including: The School for International Training, Cameroun, The Vermont Studio Center, and the Lijiang Studio, China. Most recently Harvey was a 2017-18 BOLT Resident at the Chicago Artists Coalition. She has exhibited work in Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, New York, India, Italy, and China. She has received Grants from the City of Chicago, the IL Arts Council, and 3Arts.