New City | Citrus Season: A Review of Carrie Cook's "Second Chakra" at Goldfinch

Parker Yamasaki, New City, February 6, 2023
"I’m thinking about the color orange because it’s winter and I need the heat. Carrie Cook, too, was thinking about the color orange while she painted the collection for “Second Chakra” on display at Goldfinch Gallery. Cook lives and works in Los Angeles, an area with no lack of heat, and it was precisely this enduring winter warmth that I sought when I visited the show.


The show is ostensibly about orange. The eponymous second chakra is often illustrated as an orange orb in Vedic medicine, as an energy center that “‘rules’ creativity, initiation, sexuality, [and] creating bonds…” according to Cook. She borrowed the title from a collage she made in early 2022—also called “Second Chakra,” also awash in orange."


-- Parker Yamasaki

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