Goldfinch Flatfiles

About the Flatfiles program

Goldfinch’s Flatfiles Program aims to make original contemporary artworks available to a wider audience. It encompasses painting, drawing, collage, prints, photographs, mixed media pieces and any other flat work that can be housed in the drawers of our flatfile cabinet, the vast majority of which are priced at $1500 or below — and many can be acquired for less than $500. Works in the Flatfiles can be viewed online or by advanced appointment at the Gallery. Click on each thumbnail below for larger views and details.

works available by:

Mara BakerYesenia Bello | Kevin Blake | Meghan Borah | Matt Brett | Holly CahillAmanda Joy Calobrisi | Veronica Corzo-Duchardt | Mari Eastman | Dianna Frid | Diana Gabriel | Azadeh Gholizadeh | Jasper Goodrich | Anne Harris | Cameron Harvey | Minami Kobayashi | Kuras & MacKenzie | Damon Locks | SaraNoa Mark | Victoria Martinez | Jordan Martins | Nicole Mauser | Kate McQuillen | Monika Müller | Holly Murkerson | Marissa Chris Zain Neuman | Melissa Oresky | Sherwin Ovid | Soo Shin | Edra Soto | Irene Wa. | Scott Wolniak